Hospital Site Construction Work

Car Parking Information from 11th March 2019

Car par C will be closed from Monday 11th March for general parking BUT the Drop Off bays will still be usable for drop off and pick up only. Please do not use the drop off bays to park in if you are waiting in the gym for the duration of the class. The car parks to use for the foreseeable future are car park B (drop off bays here also) and the old golf course car park. The old golf course car park is on the first turning right when entering from the Burntwood Lane entrance. Car park B is opposite the big main building of the hospital in the center of the hospital grounds. You can walk from here to the gym either around the pathways or through the main building itself. A good reconnaissance may be needed on your next visit to the club to find out which car park is best for you.

As and when any information is given to me on any part of the development works I will try and get it out to you asap but as you can appreciate a lot of this is out of my control.

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this time.